The Nursery offers a wide range of educational activities for two to five year olds.
The activities are linked to the National Curriculum and are in accordance with the methods accepted by Ofsted as appropriate for the Early Years Foundation Stage. They encompass a wide range of experiences depending upon the age of the child.

Activities start from the age of two and are designed to ensure that children reach the stepping stones laid down by the Department of Education. These goals are to be achieved in the Foundation Stage which continues from the age of 3 up to the end of the child’s reception year in school.

These activities will include:
Creative self expression through the media of art, craft, modelling etc.

We would aim to have minimum staff interference during this activity so that the child learns as much as possible about materials and their properties. Fine pencil skills, early reading and writing opportunities are also offered.We will encourage your child to write and learn all the letters in the alphabet.

Sand and water play from which they will gain much pre-math and science based learning whilst enjoying an activity which almost every child loves.
Outdoor play opportunities – The nursery has the benefit of a wide range of outdoor equipment, as well as being situated in a wide open area affording a lot of space in which to play and interact with each other.


Indoor play opportunities – The home room presents the children with varying household items to indulge their need for fantasy role play. The paint room offers children the opportunity for artistic self expression.The quiet room allows children to focus on their individual reading needs, it also offers a laptop and multiple touch screen tablets on which the older children are able to learn basic technical skills as well as using educational programmes.

Singing, dancing, listening and moving to music are also encouraged within the nursery. Playing a wide range of instruments allows the children to express themselves using music.