Baby Unit

The Baby Unit opened in September 1997, taking babies between the ages of 6 weeks and 2 years. It is situated on the ground floor of the nursery in a large open plan room. The aim of the baby room is to create a homely environment and to provide individual care for each child.

The nursery offers a separate sleep room to allow children who need to rest the ability to do so calmly and comfortably. Individual bed linen is washed at nursery to ensure a clean environment.

The babies spend time learning, playing and exploring within our welcoming baby room. The room offers babies the ability to play and learn independently as well as beginning to develop their social skills and self expression. They also have access to the outside area that is designed to safely support their developing physical skills.

Children’s development is regularly monitored through observation and photographs, this allows their key worker to plan age and stage appropriate activities that will further their development in a non pressurised manner. Most importantly in this stage of development love, cuddles, reassurance and support are available at all times encouraging feelings of emotional security and social confidence.

During mealtimes the nursery comes together within the baby room to allow social interaction with children of different ages and siblings who may also be in the nursery. This also allows children to get to know all of the nursery team.


Parents will be encouraged to give as much information about the likes, dislikes and daily routine of their child through a daily diary. This will be filled in by their key worker during their day at nursery and by parents of an evening or morning should they wish to.